Jess's fucked up little life
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2001-09-06 21:31:55 (UTC)


well, lifes a bitch aint it ??? well at least mine is. My
life was not just fuckin dished out on a fuckin silver
platter. i sacrafice everything at 20 yrs old. Im in debt
more than ill ever be again in my life. *sighs*
man.....Im still workin at ARc. Thats the only thing in my
life that aint hard, it a fuckin piece of pie, compared to
my emotional, financial problems. Joe is workin at owl
wire still, hes doin good. We're doin good. almost 9
months in a bout 5 days. man weve come a long way through
bull shit. I love him madly still. well im cookin dinner
being a bitch that woman tend to be. ~peace