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2001-09-06 21:11:21 (UTC)


Who are you going to Washington's Homecoming with? Just
curious... I guess I'll see you there. And, if you find me,
and if you ask me, maybe we'll dance... Its gunna be a great night
I've gotta go now, Sorry I cant write anymore at the moment. But i'll
be on later to catch u all up! Peace out

Well~ i figured I've got a couple minutes in here before i go off to
the vball game and then shopping! fun fun. Today and yesterday were
like any other days- BORING! but my mom is finally back and thats
good cuz i missed her- hehe- my dad just can't handle parenting us.
He leaves it all up to my mom and then occasionally he'll show up
with something to do, somewhere to go, or something he wants us to
help him with, when every other time when we actually NEED him, he's
never there. Its weird how things are sometimes... Homecoming is just
around the corner and I seem to be maintaining my weight pretty well
even though I'm actually nourishing myself. lol. I hope I'll look
good at Homecoming. I have a pretty black dress and shoes, and I'm
getting my hair done up all pretty. I get my license in 2
weeks already- wow- i'm almost 16, who would've thought... Caitlin
and I can't have a birthday party and we're both so sad. I'm
seriously devastated. I'm going to be 16 with no sweet 16 party. Just
because our parents are stupid... I seriously cry over it...
Maybe something will work out... hopefully, cuz I know that
no body will even remember its my bday without a party, and hence
forth no surprise parties either... So i just dont know... Broc and
cait are going along really well- OMG- NEWS! adam and mattie aren't
going anymore, but we think mattie and heb are going to go! YAY! i
love nick, and almost nothin would make me happier than him going,
AND gettin to go out to eat with him... awww... well- now i've gotta
go~ I might be back- later

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