this is my life
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2001-09-06 21:09:37 (UTC)

:::given up:::

i emailed fratboy right after i wrote my last entry. i told
him i felt like i was being strung along, and that what hes
doing to me isnt fair. i also said that if he wants to be
friends first, he should treat me like a friend, because
hes been avoiding me lately. i called him yesterday to tell
him to check it, and i was in the area so he invited me
over for a little while before his class started. we hung
out for like 30 minutes and then he had to leave for class.
when i got home, he had responded to my email saying that
he has noticed himself avoiding situations where he doesnt
quite know what to do. i emailed him back, told him that i
dont want to jump into a relationship anyways, and that i
do like him and want to be with him...when the time is
right. i told him that i was unsure about how he felt, and
asked him to let me know. he hasnt responded yet.
ive basically given up though. he obviously cant handle
being in a relationship, which is sad because i really
liked him, and i know we had something. i wish things were
different, but they arent and there isnt a damn thing i can
do about it except for give up and move on. i guess im jus
going to focus on school and forget about guys altogether.
there is no one else i am remotely interested in besides
fratboy anyways, and i am beginning to think (based on the
experience of me and my friends) that this town is full of
nothing but guys who are dumbasses anyways. oh well...

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