The Bowel Movement
2001-09-06 21:09:06 (UTC)

The Bowel Movement

Brook here. I started this diary so that a group of four
can write into it whenever we felt like it. We are The
Bowel Movement- a local band in the city of Las Vegas. I am
the manager of The Bowel Movement Anna Mae (Brook). Vixen
(Vanessa) is the lead singer, Ziy (Brandon) is the
gautarist and boyfriend to Vixen, and Muppy (Greg) is the
drummer. We were created for the soul purpose for making a
movie. I'm suppose to be dead, but as you can tell, I'm
here writing this diary for the band. Ask Vixen for any
comments relating to my death. She wrote the script. She
can tell you why I came back from the dead. Other then
that, I just wanted to welcome us four. Lets get to work,