Thoughts to Share
2003-01-05 04:21:57 (UTC)

ongoing construction

Wow--back in the creek. Didn't I just leave? The people
at work thought I just got back too.
I came in yesterday afternoon b/c I felt like I didn't
really have things together in the apartment and with
classes starting full force, 8 AM Monday morning I needed
some time to get it together.
The Wal-Mart experience:
First I was accosted by the Pepsi man. I was minding my
own business...picking up some toilet drops, when the Pepsi
man asked me if I was a Carolina fan. (Wearing a Carolina
shirt...yep, I'd assume I was a fan.) So he proceeds to
tell me (as I'm walking away) about his trip to the Gator
Bowl, etc.
I manage to escape the Pepsi man, only to run into 1 of my
professors. I was deep into my shopping list at that point
in order to avoid any unneccessary conversation...ha.

Today I went to Tar-get. I purchased this neat-o shelf
that goes over the toilet. Came home, put it
together...all by myself. Only had to do rearranging
once. Haha..but that was only b/c the instructions weren't
clear...obviously. Anyways, I'm pretty proud of myself.

The girls are all coming back tomorrow...well, minus
Heather. But, I'm excited. A gathering!
Then...bright and early, Monday morning. 8 AM class. Blech.

In closing...sounds like I'm writing a paper...check out
the following poem. It's in the commercial for Chevy
Tahoe, but I love it.

There's a place that I travel
When I want to roam
And nobody knows it but me.

The roads don't go there
And the signs stay home
And nobody knows it but me.

It's far far away
And way way afar
It's over the moon and the sea
And whenever you're going
that's wherever you are
And nobody knows it but me.
~Patrick O'Leary