Blood and Chocolate
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2001-09-06 19:44:00 (UTC)

nada nada nada!!!

Hey everyone !
How is everyone ?! I am great ! I just checked my mail and
I got a letter from ADAM !!!!!!!! :) ya ! hehe ! OH and my
friend Steph finally got to call her boyfriend Wesley who
is friends with Adam ! hehe ! She hadn't talked to him in
like 2 weeks ! So today she was really love sick at
school ! and I was too cause I hadn't talked to Adam ! But
I am going to share the letter he wrote to me cause these
girls responded and said they wanted daily updates about
him and I so here is his last letter !

"Hey baby! I'll try to write in it whenever i can. K?
promise! well sry this is soo short but i gotta run. I wish
i could find a way to see you!!! and hold you and tell you
all the things i have in my head right now. love ya Adam "

Isn't that so cute ! Oh I love this song! " I know when hes
been on your mind that distant look is in your eyes ! I
thought with time you would realize its over! " thats a
great song ! O -town is good only they are fake so yea!oh
oh another good song ! " cause your everywhere to me and
when i close my eyes its you i see! " thats a great song !
I totally relate to it too ! hehe
Ok well I gotta go caue I have to study before I go and
babysit again ! Later everyone!
Luv ya always
Quote: " Its better to keep your mouth closed and let
people think your a fool , then to open it and remove all
doubt!" and that Is todays quote ! hope you keep in it
mind !