the dude

the brillant dance
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2003-01-05 03:23:54 (UTC)

tonight ill take what i can get

this puddle of beast is taking me home...

well im intoxicated. 3 shots of wild turkey and the rest
of the beast, light. why cause i have nothing better to
do. i went to the gas station to purchase my weekly
provisions of cancer sticks and the lovely young lady was
there waiting with a smile. its a small town and i see her
everywhere. she flashed her pretty little smile at me, and
i nodded. yes i am a ladies man. she invited me to have a
drink with her, but i declined. im much happier amusing
myself. i find it a lot easier than having to satiate
another persons bordome. so here i am alone with my beast
and the labtop. ill probably pop in a movie and fall

what a simple life. it is so much easier when your life is
devoid of all emotions. i am much happier now then i was
when i practiced interpersonal relationships.

and im out