my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2003-01-05 02:44:27 (UTC)

what to say........... far too much.

goodness. yet again i am bored. i was writing my biology
homework which i really should have finished yesterday
before i left but i was online makin tha page and the diary
so i am now. and its incredibly boring, writing about all
this. and now... i have LOTS of math to do before monday
and i can't find my stupid book! im
like "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH* cause im in so much trouble with
the teacher already. *sigh* if i wasn't so much of a
procrastinator. i hate mondays. lol. im always so glad when
they're over. mna. im listening to the cd's i did today at
beccas. and showhow, i managed with monkey wrench(foo
fighters) twice. on two different cd's. strange. i real
happy though, because i got the carol of the bells played
by the transyberian orcestra. and it sounds so cool. i
would love to get the sheet music to it that way. espicalyl
at this one part... ahhh. kind of makes me think of the
third movement of beethovan's sonata #14 (moonlight)...
thats my inspiration in piano. i want to be able to play
that. it just.. wow. yea i really dont know how to describe
it, it just makes me sit in awe and listen to the power in
the song. Beethovan was a great man. that reminded me of
other composers then i thought of Mozart and ha the movie
um. Amedayus(i really have no clue how to spell that), the
one about him and that wa sa weird movie. it was funny i na
way, yet sad in another way. yea. one day im going to get
around to watching the movie about Beethovan. at this
moment i can't remember what it's called, but im about to
go downstairs to get some kool aid and i'll check them
because now im curious. ok. brb... like you notice any wya
lol... ok correction: Amadeus and the beethovan one is
shadowlands. yes but i want to watch it, just i have to be
in the right mood. before i was up here, i was watching the
first season of simpsons lol. i borrowed the dvd from
becca. i borrow a lot from her. clothes... dvd';s.. cd's..
yea. books too. that reminds me ive got many of her books i
should probably give back ha. yes well. im not even writing
this is my diary thing online cause i can't get on yet. i
want to(because im so bored.) but i can't cause steph is on
the phone. and we only have one line. thats daddys excuse
for keeping me offline. yea. so im writing this on my juno
account while i wait. and ill just copy paste it(which had
better work cause i wrote a lot). im in such a music mood.
but i dont know what to listen to. now im listening to
matchbox 20.. iris. i like this song a lot. it has really
good lyrics. i was trying to find my disk that had pictures
on it, but i dont know where it is, i only found some that
had anime pic's on it... but sooner or later im going to
add some random stupid pictures. or something. i think that
most of the pictures i've scanned into the computer are
downstaris on mine.. so i can't get them *gr* but well. i
have to be content. yea im going to stop writing i feel
like im writing in MY diary because im just going on and
on. i do that... once i get started... and theres no one to
interupt me i just keep going. oh crap. i just remembered
im supposed to play piano at church tmorrow. and i don't
know where the music is to what i was going to play... so i
should probably find something else... yea... i have to go
find something lol. maybe i'll just play something easy.
they don't particurally care they say it was nice any way
so... yea lol im serious abotu that i played um. moonlight
sonata with what child is this at the christmas eve service
and i messed up real bad(i mean wow the worst i have ever
messed up) and my dad said besides the stop that i added a
whole new line to the piece it didnt sound that bad so...
yea.. i think he was being nice lol. it was funny though. i
liked playing the moonlight sonata part ebcause i already
knew it(played it at my recital in may) but the what child
of this was differnt version then i'd played before so
yea... just imagin... going along then just the music
stops. but i went on. just i skipped a few lines lol. a few
measures got cut out. no one cared :P best i could do under
pressure. i have horrible stage fright! i mean wow its
horirble i shake real bad i get sick its horrible. yet i
continue to do stuff that involves being on stage. drama...
piano... stuff in church. i want to overcome it but its' so
hard *uurrrgggg* kinda like.... swimming in the ocean. im
always afraid ill drown(isnt that strange. i live 20
minutes away from the beach.) i didnt go out past my
stomache till i was around 12. i don't go over my head now.
i can't swim as well at the beach as i can in a pool. and i
get paranoid too so.. yea lol i am going so i can practice.
maybe ill write tomorrow if im not doing homework which i
should be doing now but i am in a blah mood. so i'll just
get in MORE TROUBLE ahh i hate getting into trouble. bye~
p.s. now im listening to J lo and uh. who ever sings imn
real with her. i only added that because io just realized
this is the eddited version which makes me happy because i
hate cussing... i mean.. i'll tolerate it... but if your in
my house or on my yard you will not cuss *tehe* believe me.
im dead seriuos. ive kicked people out of my yard for it.
p.p.s. lol steph just asked me if the earring sshe was
wearing looked nice with the others ones(she's got 3 holes)
and i said "yea whered u get them?" she said "well i got
them for you but i lost them and just found them." i
said "and now your taking them!?" she goes "uh yea" i
said "hey!" she goes "what, you want them?" i said "uh
yea..." she goes "ok just you have to let me borrow them."
lol. yea i just felt like adding that...