The Sexy Blonde
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2003-01-05 02:24:35 (UTC)

No Food Today

Today is Saturday. I have not ate anything. Well lets start
from where I last left off. Jose did come and pick me up I
put my stuff in the car but I asked him if he could drive
to 7-11 because my mom wanted some 7Up because she is
feeling so sick. Came back, gave her some 7Up, then me,
him, and his brother Freddy headed off to the house but
first we stopped at Blockbuster. I thought we were going to
rent some movies or something but his brother rented some
playstation game, and with the $10.00 I had I bought a
playstation game, called Creatures. You raise, feed, and
build a world full of creatures. I haven't figured out how
to play yet, but I'm working on it.
Now, its Saturday night, Jose left this morning to go to
work with his dad, and then I could hear his mom making
breakfest, I went out to the kitchen to sit down with Jose,
because I eat with him every saturday morning and he was
ready to leave, him and his dad were walking out the door,
and I was upset at him because he didn't sit down and eat
with me so I went back to bed, for a long long time, and I
didn't get up and take a shower for hours. His mom cooked
lunch but I said I wasn't hungry, but I am NOT. Then I did
my homework, the stuff I forgot about, the homework I was
going to do until Jose told me to put it off the first week
I was on Christmas break but I forgot all about it, and I
just did it today. I finished,it barely took me an hour.
I have not had food in my stomach all day. I think Jose
said he wanted toi go to the movies tonight but I don't
know if I want to. Well, best be going before he gets here
and demands to see this diary...
Have a great day!

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