Laura's need to rant and chat
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2003-01-05 02:01:20 (UTC)

just finished chatting with an old friend

I just finished chatting with my friend Tony, who use to be
a professor of mine. I always have looked up to him and of
course... just like every other girl who ever had him for a
prof... had the hots for him. He wants me to come visit
him for a "long" weekend. I probably will go, I found
cheap flights for about 100 each way, and he told me
tonight he'd pay for half. Hell, my ex-husband doesn't
even do that much for me, he wants to not pay me full
amount of the car payment for the car he drives that is in
my name. Asshole. I promised myself I wouldn't let him
(JIm, ex) get me down, and I won't ... I have much better
things to worry about... like the GRE on Thrusday, and
talking to my parents tomorrow about my future plans and of
course... my real life here and figuring out if I should
pursue film and teaching of film/tv or hotel/motel

I am going to have a good year, I will do anything it takes
to be happy. Plus, I should be happy that I'm getting
my "sex-drive" back into check and not needing an only lust
filled sex and am willing to wait for love!!!!!

I have a plan... I will be happy. I will be happy.... I
WILL BE HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!

Bye for now... Laura