The land of unknown
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2001-09-06 18:45:11 (UTC)

Shank my Spine!!!!

hmm... that one makes sense, though. damn. oh well.
in the past couple of days, i've been tabbing a few
songs. i tabbed Dry Kill Logic (DKL) 'Nightmare', almost
completely. uhhh, a couple riffs of 'Weight'. i tabbed
some SpineShank before. 'Asthmatic', 'Play God', 'Can't
be Fixed', and 'Negative space'. most of those i tabbed
just a couple riffs or something. 'Asthmatic' is mostly
just variations of the main riff. i tabbed some Machine
Head a couple weeks ago. 'Exhale The Vile', The Blood,
The Sweat, The Tears', corrected tabs i found for 'From
this Day'. and i got a couple tabs for some others. i
tabbed some Skinlab a while back too. i've tabbed hella
stuff. a lot of times my brother comes to me for things
he wants to learn, but can't find tabbs for. he sucks at
the guitar. even after taking a class in it. he has
absolutely no rhythm at all. can't change chords very
well. doesn't know that many. and has really no musical
ability. he's songs mostly all suck. except one that he
built off of a Cure song, and then he had me write most
the rest of it. it's not even finished. i'd hate to read any
attempts at lyrics. i'd just laugh. oh yea, school still