Pure Belligerence
2001-09-06 18:27:58 (UTC)

*Radio 104 fest was sooooooo great*

me and alicia, (jeff was supposed to go but then at the
last minute he couldnt drive us, long story, dont ask) so
we had to take the bus to hartford to go see the Radio 104
fest concert. There were 25 bands and it was great. On
the way in we had the extra ticket so we sold it to this
girl and her bf, both who looked about 22, and they were
really cool and they thought it was great of us not to over
charge them on the ticket so they gave us some good
shit.... they said only one or two hits and ur high.... so
alicia is saving it until she can get some rolling paper.
Anyways...... yeah, blink 182, sum 41, and lots of other
good bands were there.... jimmy eats world was good.....
the first time iv heard them.... and i guess it was good
moshing music because there were a few mosh pits thats
started at like, every song they played. I got shoved in a
few but im really not that angerful so i just kinda shoved
myself back out. Alicia went crowd surfing a few times....
and i met this really nice guy who was helpin me out and
being really concerned about me and shit..... and blah blah
blah it was the best time iv had in awhile. With work and
emt class going till 10 (i have one or the other every
night except saturday) i havent done ANYHING seriously but
go to emt class, work, school, and homework. Its aweful.
And i go to bed late and get up early (i usually go to bed
at 11:30 or 12 and wake up at 5 or 5:30) to finish all my
damn homework. Ugh!!! Thats why im gonna change my work
hours to 3-8 or 9 instead of 5-10. But other than that,
shit is good :-)