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2003-01-05 01:04:56 (UTC)

what a shitty day...and a great night

Hey..this morning started out really rough. I had no heater
in my car, so I was freezing...but...that wasnt the least
of my dad's road wasnt plowed so I had to drive
thru all that shit..coming around a corner on salmon
falls...I almost wiped out a car.. I slid around the corner
and I accidently fishtailed it because I was blinded by the
headlights..but I straightened it out by the time the car
had passed. But that wasnt the only time, I lost control a
couple times, but it got better as I got closer to
rochester. But it got really bad going to gunstock. I had
to stop and pick up Robert this morning. his driveway wasnt
plowed either. I thought that I would take the chance of
driving down into I wouldnt have to run thru the
snow again..But my car got stuck in it. i got down his
driveway just fine, but I couldnt back grabbed
a shovel and started to dig it out.. After rob got dressed
he came out and started to help...we tried about 10 times
before we got the car out. it took us about 45 minutes
before I floored it and parked it on the side of the road.
Coming home, I almost smashed a snowbank ..we were going
downhill and I couldnt slow was all ice. But I
rode it out. Its all good.
well, im out for today. song of the day "jamie" by rehab.
~jenn~ jan 4

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