what happened?
2001-09-06 18:21:39 (UTC)

So I returned home

Well, I left math class today and I headed towards
chemistry study session. It was strange today, my math
professor brought something into attention. He told us we
should see things and know what we are seeing. I mean the
over all point is that you just got to see things. But it
got to me. It's so true that most of us don't really see
anything at all. I mean it's in front of us, but we just
don't see it. Am I missing something? I guess sometimes
we just don't see the literal thing and pass everything.
Or sometimes we just don't see anything at all. You know
there are times when you just can't look at an apple and
say it's an apple. You got to know what you're looking
at. Perhaps a farmer just dropped it, or some kid threw it
out because he hate eating apples for snacks? Either way
we just really got to look at things and see them. Strange
huh? Who would thought that not being blind meant being