A day in the life...
2001-09-06 18:16:55 (UTC)

'Duran Duran's Greatest Hits' was the best $18 I ever spent.

OMG...I'm such a loser. An 'online diary'. I feel so
Britney Spears right now..."Dear diary...today I met a
boy..." Haha. Mad props to Sam for the idea.
I'm tired of technicolor magenta hair already. All I
wanted was attention...now that I have it, I want it to go
away. Some damn scary people assume it's a license to talk
to me. Plus it washes out my skin tone or something...I'm
just not feeling all that attractive. Added to the fact no
one in their right mind will hire me with this hair color.
This wasn't one of my better judgement calls.
You know what's sad?...I am really excited about the MTV
VMAs tonight. Seriously. I've planned my schedule around
it. If James makes me miss it when I take him to the mall
this evening, I will fucking kick his ass. (Why does he
need me to take him anyways?) And I mean it this time.
I'm wearing the 'N Sync underwear today and everything.
Don't fuck with a girl with an obsession.
Three days and still no word from home...this is
interesting. I have one of those mothers that calls every
other day...no exaggeration either. We had a little chat
before I left home this weekend...I'm thinking the silence
is meant to be conveyed as rejection/unapproval. Oh well,
Mom. Too fuckin' bad. (Oh Jesus, I hope she doesn't
somehow stumble upon this page. She scares me.)

"If there's anything more important than my ego around, I
want it caught and shot now." - The Hitchhiker's Guide to
the Galaxy