Static and Silence
2001-09-06 18:16:14 (UTC)

Just Because My Name Is Matt....

Doesn't mean people can walk all over me.

I've been thinking about my general nature. I am by nature
a very caring and compassionate person. I have always
liked giving more than receiving. I like to do
things...maybe make a little a little
something...and give it to a friend...out of the blue...for
no reason at all. Why is it that I am more inclined to do
these things for certain people in my life..and to not do
the same for others in my life?

I have a small group of friends that I would do just about
anything for...including lay my life on the line. I ask
for nothing in their friendship is the
greatest gift they could ever give me. However, there are
certain friends that get jealous and petty when they hear
that I have done something for another friend. Let me give
you an example.

I work in the tech field. Because of my work, I am very
knowledgable about computers, networking technology and the
like. I have on many occasion gone to a friends house to
troubleshoot and/or fix a problem. Other friends and
family tell me I should be charging for my services...but I
never do....not when it comes to people I know and care
about. However, I catch hell from other people..."Well you
fixed so and so's come you don't have time
to come to my house?" I never have a decent answer...I
just stumble and say something like, "I've been really

Some people would call my generally friendly and giving
nature a weakness. I prefer to call it my greatest
strength. When we all finish this journey called
will matter not how much I could have charged someone for
fixing their PC. It will matter not how much money I have
in bank. I make a very good living...and I am compensated
nicely for the work that I do. I am comfortable...I do not
have to be so greedy that I can't do things to make other's
happy without having personal gain.

There is a quote by Gen.Charles Degaulle, "The graveyards
are full of indespensible men."

We can't take it with we might as well make the
best of it while we are here. Go out and do something for a card...maybe a magazine...something small.
Watch how it lights up the face of the person you give it
to... There is no better feeling in the world than to know
that you had a small part in making someone you care about