A life to remember
2001-09-06 18:07:13 (UTC)


Tony broke up with me again, but I desperatly want to go out
with him again. He said he would go out with me in the
summer, but somehow, I doubt that. I wanna go out with him,
but I don't want to wait. What about dances, and prom, and
everything. Will he still go on dates? I hope so. The reason
why, was he wants to be single all year. Desiree doubts that
he would be single all year. When I told her that, she was
like "HA Tony, with out a girlfriend all year" If
he does decide to go out with someone again, I hope he keeps
his word, and goes out with me, and not a girl who hangs all
over him. LAURELLE? Is he falling in love with her? I kindof
hope not.