The First 9 Months of Our Lives
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2001-09-06 17:55:41 (UTC)

The Yoke of Pregnancy

This is something I wrote before I found out I was pregnant
about 2 or 3 months ago.

This is just a thought that came about while I was writing
in my so called journal about a week ago and I thought I'd

Sitting at my desk newly polished desk she just stared at
me... "Your HOW OLD?" "20" I repeated...Eyes wide and
mouth hanging open she began.....

"Honey, listen to me.....I'm am 30 years old and I just had
MY FIRST CHILD! And let me tell you it is tough...your
life gets put on think you don't get enough
sleep now...wait till you have a baby. You are too young
to be thinking about having a child. Just hold off as LONG
AS YOU CAN! Now I don't mean to discourage you...but being
a mother is not all it's cracked up to be..." As I stare
blankly into her wide eyes...she grabs her purse and starts
to leave...She seemed to have worked herself into a frenzy--
man! "Thank you....I'll think about that..."

And so I did....It seems as though as soon as I got married
my womb woke up and started crying out, just like what it
talks about in the Bible. I soon invented something
called "Baby Blinders" because "I'm too young to have a
baby--and I should put off such a dredful thing until later
in my life--when I'm ready to have no life" Baby blinders
as I call them....are put into action when walking by
babies or any cute thing under 3 feet tall....

I just melt when I see women...It
increased my want for a child...sooo, on when the Baby
Blinders. I have since put the Baby Blinders away...

The Bible says Go forth, be fruitful and multiply....Is
that a command....sounds like one to me...I don't know if I
do take it as a literal command...but either way, I
say "God let your will be done in this situation (having a
baby) but yet I use birthcontrol..."

I have come to realize--that motherhood should not be like
an ox's yoke...hung around your neck---dragging you to the
ground... Motherhood is so much more than
should be a beautiful wreath hung around a womans neck with
pride, offering hope.... I believe that the world has put
a spin on things like Motherhood and Marriage--a NEGATIVE
one... Yes....I know motherhood can be hard---but the joys
far out do the pains....For once in our lives...we have to
be selfless....give of ourselves unconditionally to this
new life. Something that the world doesn't like to do.

I believe God intended motherhood to be a beautiful thing
and you shouldn't have to wait until your 25-30 to have
your child. If there are things you want to do with your
marriage and in your life that a baby would prehibit...then
put it off...but don't put it off because it is a
horrendous "duty" or because someone says that "You will
have no life if you have a baby". I firmly believe that
you can have a child and still have fun and have a good

It all depends on how you look at the whole
situation....focus on the negatives...: getting up at 2am,
4am, 7am--for feedings....changing dirty
diapers....suffering the occational puke...etc... Or
focusing on the positives...: The way your child looks
like the both of you combined, the first laugh, the first
time your child grips your finger and seems to know you are
his parents, that sweet look of the innocence you have so
long been out of touch with, while he sleeps, "graduating"
to solid foods, first step, first potty in the toilet,
first day at kindergarden.....etc.

Like I me....the joys far out do the petty duties
of motherhood. Just a thought...