East Coast Riot Girl
2003-01-04 23:05:59 (UTC)


It's like, 6:00. Nothing good on t.v. I just finished
making this map for my ss project on Murfreesboro. I was
all excited, it was gonna be the very best map that was
ever made. Well apparently, no one informed my map about
this, because it came out pretty bad. But then again, I'm
not even supposed to be making the map in the first place.
The map was assigned to my slacker partner. Oh well.
There is absolutely no food in my house. Oh wait, I lied.
There IS a rotten apple, and some milk. GROSS. Meh......
I spent the whole day at home, working on a ss project, and
listening to music, very productive, eh? Maybe I'll go
back to the GC messageboards, and hang with those some of them are just plain wierd......