champagne supernova
2003-01-04 20:00:14 (UTC)

to the park at 3:30

so my mother decided that she is goingt o stick me with
the little one tonite while her and her "friend" go out to
dinner... and at one of her most favorite resturantes too!
well its cool.. my mom deserves it. althought i am 16 and
what do i have to show for it? ..being stuck at home on a
saturday nite thats what...the highlite of my day consists
of taking my sister to the park. eh.. its ok..i had a buzy
past 2 weeks so i spose its good to just take the time of
to get everything together before school starts on monday.
which reminds me of how much ill really need to push
myself this quarter.. i didnt do so well this 2 term..went
from 2 a's 2 b's and one c... to 2 d's 1 c' and 3 b's...i
should not have those d's..but its my own fault ... i was
not feeling motivated this term..
but o na lighter bobbys car is more damaged
then he thought... it originally was just a problem with
the timing belt..or so he thought.. now he needs a new
water pump!! auuhhhgg!!! well as long as its covered under
his warrenty he should be just fine!
poor guy... he has to drive around his moms brand new
car...a mazda 626..oh so sure hes in tears...
lol..u know i love u babe!~ so anyways
pinkkitty..pearl40harbor..u all know that we cant take
anymore shi* from manny..i cant do it.. he decided he was
going to "get rid of everyone he actually cares about now
since we arent going to be in his life later on" ..pathetic
and ignorant is what i say to that. who are we to say
wheather or not years down the road in life if someone will
be there 10 years from now? you just never know..someone
could be in your life one day and stay there until the day
you die..or they could just walk out of it the next
minute.. but that isnt for us to decide. and if he dsont
see that there isnt any thing we can do..manny if that is
your honest to god choice fine.. there isnt anythig i can
do about it.. but you know how i feel about this whole
but on a better note..
i get to see my grandma tommorow! she is the coolest
person.. i lvoe her so much ... and wow..does she love
bobby...(her little mejhoe) excuse the spelling... but man
my family asks about him all of the time...i dont blame
them..i think about him all the time.... he just that sort
of guy that sticks with ya no matter what... but
hey ll never see me complaining about that.......or
his famous bear hugs.
fancy* ....