Squeeb's world
2001-09-06 17:23:19 (UTC)

The Obsession

Remember the OCD thing yesterday? It's spinning out of
control. Yeah, like it hasn't already? Ok, so yesterday I
just HAD to watch one of my N'SYNC tapes. Where's the
problem there? maybe that I have the bloody thing memorized?
And then I just HAD to listen to NSA. I love that cd. And
then this morning I was picking through magazines looking
for this one particular picture in which Justy's arms are to
die for- like they're not all the time anyways?! Flabby
arms?! She has got to be kidding. So I ended up giving the
picture of JC a little smooch- couldn't help it- he's so
cute. Now I have an intense desire to see, or hear them
suprise surprise! I NEED HELP!!!

Current mood: Obsessive
Current music: "Again"- Lenny Kravitz