Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2003-01-04 19:51:00 (UTC)


Last night thre was a powercut. All the electricity and
telephone lines were out, and house alarms were going off.
This was at about 2am, and seeing as lastnight has been the
only time I've wanted an early night, it kinda sucked. can't be helped. Oh, and remember the sleep-in I
was talking about? Didn't happen. Well, it did, but I only
managed to sleep in 'till 11. My dog wouldn't stop barking
and I was too lazy to go down and shut it the fuck up. Then
next doors dogs started barking. I hate their dogs. They're
the ugliest and most annoying type of dog I've ever had the
mispleasure of seeing. They're short and white and...urgh.
Everyone has a new phone. My Mum, Sister, Sharon, Sam. I've
had my phone for...three years, I's a phone for
christs sake. What do you need a new one every 6 months
for? And those with the coour screen. What's the point.

I've been up for two hours and it feels like i've been up
for 10 minutes. I hope today carried on like this.
I have a feeling that today is just going to be one of
those days.
However, the sky's a nice pale blue, the sun's out, and the
snow is still there.
The whole of these holidays, I've left the
house..threetimes, and I should really go down town
or...something, but I can't really be
bothered. I'd go up the Chevin looks cold and icy.
And I'd probably slide right back down it. Anyways, there's
probably some people sleding and I don't want to get run
over by a crappy piece of plastic. Oh no. Anything which
will have people snickering at my funeral is a definately
out of the question. Which is why I absolutley refuse to
contract Mad Cows Disease.