Squeeb's world
2001-09-06 17:18:53 (UTC)

Be careful what you wish for...

You know that old saying "Be careful what you wish for cuz
you might just get it"? Well I always thought that was the
stupidest thing on this earth. However, in the past year, I
have grown to believe that saying, and regret it. You know
me and this whole thing with my beloved S? Well when he
first got drafted to the NHL and of course I was excited for
him but the team was so far away that I wished and I hoped
for something, anything, to keep him here. I was thinking
like a trade or something but I guess I should have been
more specific. Now his NHL career is in jeopardy and I can't
help but feel that I'm at least partly to blame. You know
when I first heard about the kidney thing I cried so hard
that he was sick. And now every little thing seems to go
wrong with his back. He just getting it back on track and
BANG! Another roadblock. Now I was reading the roster for
the team and he's not even listed. I knew it was coming but
I still can't help but feel a little sad and a whole lot
responsible. Hel-lo! That was his dream in life. I mean he
still gets his signing bonus and everything but does that
really mean anything when he can't do the one thing that
he's dreamed about his whole life? I know this topic is a
tad depressing but I had a dream about him last night and I
just had to get it out.

Current mood: sulky
Current music: "Ashes By Now- LeeAnn Womack

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