my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2003-01-04 19:30:05 (UTC)


hey yea. well im still at becca's house. we just ate
hamburgers. dang i could not get to sleep last night. i was
cleanin off my songs from their music collection and i was
doing that till l2 am, then i watched cartoons mostly
untill 4:30 when i thought "im never going to get up if i
don't go to sleep" so i turnt off the t.v. and slept...
till around 7. when aurora and mr. raper came in and woke
me up... but i preteneded i wasnt and ended up fallin
asleep. every time i stay here they wake me up lol. i slept
till 11:30 :) it was nice. then i got up. and we watched
t.v. ha. yup but about the hamburgers i helped cook them ah
*gasp* no ones dead(yet). yea. but now i feel sick haha. im
gonna get fat. lol. no. for anyone who reads this and
thinks im crazy, or to those of you who know me and know
what i look like, i don't really think im fat, and i dont
care i just like jokin around because one of my best friends
(amy w) constantly calls her self fat and she isn't but she
wont listen... so i try to make her see how crazy she
sounds when she calls herself fat. lol. even so. it doesn't
matter. God made us beautiful every shape and size. Blue
eyes green grey puke(thats what she calls hers lol)
whatever. yea. aw. man i love my nieces. poor lil Dakota
she was in her high chair eating a cookie thing and she
started crying and wanted me to take her out so i did and
she was covered in cookie. she is so cute. Babie's amaze
me. they are just so weird. not weird... but... extensive.
i really dont think thats the word im thinking of but it
will work. wow now im confusing myself. yea... but last
night at hum. aroudn 1 am she was wide awake! and she was
so adorable i was playing with her while my cd's were
burnin and she was just so happy. it's just so amazing at
how simple thing make babies happy. sometimes i wonder why
we can't be like that?? any way aparently i have to be home
at 4 cuz cecilys mom is getting married and i have to go(i
ahd no idea untill lke 3 hours ago about this wedding... i
am so out of it no one tells me anything lol) so i gotta go
ok. but i dont know, i might end up writing more later. i
was serious about it being addictive. bye till next time~

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