2001-09-06 16:16:52 (UTC)

Poem Prostitute's Boyfriend

I'm a prostitute's boyfriend
Not just another cheap trick
I'm the one he comes home to
When he wants to get hs kicks
You see, I don't judge him
For getting it up for money
When he comes home
He's my good luvin
He makes me feel special
Even though I know he's sometimes sad
So I try to fill that emptiness
And in return, he gives me great bliss
It's selfish of me, but not business
And afterwards, after we make love
He tells me about the lonesome johns
Eager to pay for his attention, and ten inches
And sometimes we do it the way
The johns like to pay
Just to see why
It brings such a smile
But it makes no difference between us
What position
It's not the same, we love eachother
Regardless of what others may say
We know no matter how old or ugly
We will never have to pay