My life in a nutshell
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2003-01-04 17:19:55 (UTC)

Another day....

So, I get up and the first thing that I decide to do is
read Mike's journal. He mentions me and tell me that he's
going through the same things that I am. Weird. I never
really gave him enough credit and saw him as one
dimensional. I know that's really mean, rude, whatever
comes to your mind, but that's the way it was. I always saw
him as this guy that can do anything no matter what and
didn't care that he could. Now, that bothers me. I guess
that's why I dissed him so much... well, his smarts. All I
can say is that if I didn't recognize it, I wouldn't have
practically complained about my Astronomy class and have
him offer to help me.
I've pretty much given up on my computer. I'm going to try
again today and see if it will actually start up. I cleaned
out my folder on my parent's computer since they made it
clear that they don't want me "recking" theirs by using it.
Then again, I'm using it right now! I don't know... all I
know is that I need a computer soon since I'm getting Dance
Dance thanks to Taran and Neil! Gotta love them! :-)
Speaking of that, I get a call last night from them asking
me if they could include anything in their order for me.
That was so nice... I know they got my number from Lisey...
Thanks Chicky! I can't wait! I'm like so excited.
Anyway, I should be off to do stuff today... and to figure
out what my dream means... I had the weirdest one last
night, but I won't repeat it on here since I just don't
want to.... and don't even try to butcher it... it's
nothing like that.... *as I look in the general direction
of Lisey and Mike*.... gotta love my friends too! :-)