Laura's need to rant and chat
2003-01-04 17:10:17 (UTC)

still a sucky new year

I woke up this morning feeling like fucking shit. I could
barely talk and felt like I was running a fever. So I did
not go see the parents today, but I have to get out of this
house to get cat food, cat litter, etc... so I get Duane to
pick up me up to get lunch, probably something with some
good soup and then the store. I need to get my shower
taken so I can go out. Here goes, trying a hot shower and
all.. hopefully I will feel better.

Oh well.

I hate the weekend before school starts especally when I
know I have to admit to them that I am unhappy with my
school program and want to move far away.

Well, I better run, I need to get ready, have a good day