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_just me unfortunately_
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2003-01-04 16:59:25 (UTC)


recently i've not being going to bed until around 4am and
then drifting in and out of sleep until 1pm *this will
have to stop when colege starts again* but for some reason
this change in my sleep pattern has made me start to dream
again. i used to dream all the time but recently, the last
few months, i havent had any, so i was pleased to have
them back again *sigh - before all you know it alls tell
me we have 6/8 dreams a night, i know, but when i say i
dont have any i mean i dont rememebr them, shuttup*

the other night i dreamt that me and sevonah had gone to a
gig and afterwards we went to the macdonalds by my house.
cassandra fox *old friend who now is ebil n bitch* was
there having a big party and it was all bright lights and
streamers but me and sev weren't allowed to eat there, she
wouldnt let us. and for some reason i remember saying "she
still looks like she did in primary school, bitch...then
again so do i" lol, and so me and sev went outside and we
were dancing or something on the grass when we realised
there was a guy in a house across the road standing at the
window with some binoculars. we ran into the flats above
macdonalds *in real life there arent any flats but yknow,
dreams make shit up* and were telling the old ladies not
to go outside because of the pervy dude. so i was teling
sev we should go and eat in macdonalds now but she stayed
with the old ladies and i went down. the party was gone
but dean and his kids were sitting eating so i sat with
them and then we all piled into his little sports car
*which he sold about 5 years ago but still, lol* and i had
the baby on my lap, and went home.

two nights ago i had a really messed up dream that hasnt
totally come back to me yet, but for the some reason i
lived on top of the shed in my garden and people, evil
people, were throwing things at me from my house to try
and get me off the shed. inside my house it was like a
school, with lockers, but the lockers were about as wide
as a person and it was where all the immigrants that came
into england had to live, in these tiny lockers. i found
tony and i was telling him about the plight of these poor
refugees living in lockers. the lockers were in stacks of
two, so somebody had to live above another persons locker
and there was a poor peruvian midget woman who was too
short to reach her locker and me and tony were both crying
for her cause she couldnt reach her locker and the bastard
government wouldn't provide ladders. as we walked down the
hall away from the lockers tony somehow disappeared and i
walked into a restaurant that was on a ship. i was therwe
with my mom and dad and michael and some spanish lady who
looked like penelope cruz. sitting on the table next to me
was clare the crappy girl from school and behind me was
her gawky looking friend and they kept talking to each
other and interupting me. my dad was majorly flirting with
penelope cruz lady and i felt bad for my mommy. and thats
all i remember, but i think more happened. i felt sad when
i woke up cause me and tony had been crying, lol.

there was one more dream but i forgot it, probly dont want
to hear it anyway, for most people their own dreams are
really interesting but other peoples are really boring and
crap - this is what my dad told me when i tried to tell
him one of my dreams once, he just wanted to shut me up,
lol. feel sick.

i havent had a bath or shower this YEAR! i am scuzzy and i
smell and i'm off to have a bath. i feel sick again.