2001-09-06 15:43:36 (UTC)

Another Day

I didn't end up making it to work on Tuesday. That's ok
though I'm not heart broken or anything.

I went to school then tutoring on Tuesday. It's so weird to
feel like the adult. In addition to making sure his
homework gets done, I have to make sure he has everything
he needs the next day ready, that his book orders are done
that his books get covered etc. I deal with all school
issues(even communication with the teacher). The only thing
I don't do is sign papers.

Also on Tuesday I got to meet one of my friends from
online. That was a lot of fun. We had lunch and talked.

I went to school and tutored yesterday that was a long,long
day. I got up at 7 and didn't get home until arond 9. I
finally got another appointment with the DMV. I still have
to call the insurance company and get a new card. I am so
sick of wearing glasses.

I was supposed to spend several days with Liz for her
birthday. Of course Bill took my Saturday away. Now we may
have Friday. I say maybe becuase I know it's tough, but
knowing her she will move heaven and earth to do it. She's
a great best friend. I jus feel so bad about doing this to

Steve and I have been talking a little. I feel sorry for
him and worry about him. It's hard adjusting to being in a
new place. To have to deal with really tough law school is
even worse. Yes I am a pushover. But he's my friend and we
needto keep that. Also, I told him I'd help him through
this and I'm not going back on that. At least he says he's
sorry. He seems like he really means it. I don't know .
Looking at it now I see that's he doesn't like to be alone
and he's afraid to be alone. I relaly don't feel all that
angry at him ight now just hurt. I don't want to tell him
though. I feel like I still have a right to be mad at him.
I just don't want to hold this over his head forever. I
mean as awful and rotten and mean and selfish tis was he's
human and allowed to make mistakes. I mean what if that
night on the phone he held that against me? Grantedthat was
more minor than this. Dating sucks.

Then there's this guy I met through a friend. He's flirting
with me! I don't like him like that. Never have, never
will. To top it off he kind has a girlfriend. Kinda becuase
they are togehter but she's made it clear she doesn't want
anything serious because she just came out of a long term
relationship. He's been flirting and throwing hints. Like
using obvious "what if?" situations. I saw through those so
I was trying to be gentle and steer him in the right
direction. He is very sensitive though. Then part of me is
not sure whether or not to trust him. He could just be
playing with me and relaly be the tough guy he appeared to

I have to run off to school. I'll probably stop for
breakfast. Who knows when or if I'll have time to eat again

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