Lil Ems

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2001-09-06 15:14:01 (UTC)

get down with the sickness

id like to make a note to the person that said i was really
really lame that you are really really mean (not to mention
stupid) for not putting your name. theres only so many
people it could have been so i mean i think i can figure it
out. on one hand, adam LOVES to tell me im "lame"--- all
the fricken time. but i dont think it was him cuz he wasnt
online last nite. but yeah i dunno. it COULD have been
jason cuz hes the only one who acknowledged that he went to
the ste (if u did, baby, then i mean COME ON, youre the one
who had the journal about "oh no ::sniff sniff sniff:: my
mommy found out im bad). those r the only two i could
really think it would be. if not, then its a random person.
cuz yeah random people are allowed to respond/search for
this thing. well i dont care lol just making a point that
if u iz gonna respond, u bettuh SIGN YO NAME, bitch. hehe.

anyways on other notes, im home sick, again, today.
yesterday i got a really nice get well soon card from jase.
it was perty. i dont really think im sick. i had planned
completely to go to skool today. but there were so many
reasons not to when i got up at 6 am: 1)sr year is easy,
and u dont miss ANYTHING if youre absent; 2)my mom asks me
at SIX am if i feel like going to skool so m like "uh...";
and finally (the REAL reason i stayed home) 3) my mom felt
my forehead (probably warm cuz it was hot in my house) and
said "oh! no... uh uh, you are staying home today you feel
warm"--- this struck me as partcularly odd seeing as how
when i really AM sick, she never thnks im warm (one time
like 2 yrs ago i was at adams house and his dad took my
temp cuz i was REALLY REALLY sick, and it was 102 so he
made me go home and when i got home my mom felt my head and
was like "u dont feel hot to me"--- shes so fuckin
werid)--- another time (a year ago to be exact) i had mono
topped with tonsilitis (lemme tell u that shit HURTS when
put together; side note: i didnt lose weight cuz i ate SO
much ice cream for my throat) and my dad kept yelling at me
to go to skool even tho i had both illnesses. how lame was
that? lol well last year i ended up missing 15 days or so
of skool... awesome.

im sure that last section about sickness wasnt too
interesting to... anyone. o well : ) o had fun.

everquest is going ok i guess... i dinged 23 last nite but
ve been having so much trouble playing lately. i think it
might be b/c jase and i used to only play with each other
all the way till 20. then one night i went to bed early and
he passed me up alot and now (though he says we can grp
still) we cant play well together cuz one of us wont get
any EXP (hes lvl 27---maybe 26... i dunno). anyways im not
mad at all about it but i really miss grouping with him. it
was fun! now grp with these retards who dont know shit. o
well =^.^= cant wait till 24-- new spells.
DISCLAIMER: u dunno what EQ is? GOOD!!! dont ask, its crack!

well guess i had better be getting back to my daytime tv
for the ill. OU! price is right is on! YES!!! the prce is
wrong, bitch (happy gilmore). anyway only respond if youre
gonna give a name, please.

mood: contently thinkin of jase : )

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