The days of my life
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2001-09-06 15:12:38 (UTC)

An excellent day...

Yesterday was an excellent day. The best thing I ever did
was drop that art history class. It was just part of the
icing on the cake that made life too much. I had the entire
day off yesterday and started my day with a trip to my
therapist. She told me officially that I am depressed. Of
course all she would of had to do was ask the people around
me. After my nine am appointment I came back home and
waited for Dave to get up, of course in the meantime I fell
asleep watching tv. and two hours later Dave comes walking
in and woke me up. Which was fine because we had tons to do
yesterday. We then got all dressed up and ran all of our
arrands. It was so much fun to wear clothes that I don't
normally wear and actually look nice for a change. We even
had dinner with our friends Sandy and Scott. What a great
day. I now have to leave and go to work... hopefully this
means it will be a good day. I am keeping my fingers
crossed. For now I can only take one day at a time. And
Dave is sick. he thinks he is getting mono again. Not cool,
but at least I can take care of him. I hope he stays in
bed. He needs to sleep. oh well, I will worry about that
later... bye for now.