Restless Comet Diary
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2003-01-04 13:04:42 (UTC)

Hellllllllllllooooooooo Agggggaaaaaain

Hehe...sorry for not writing lately....I just forgot happens hehe
Here I am,on monday the school's the "fun"
is over .Now I'm a bit sleepy...I was writing soemthing
last night so I got some I wont have to
walk all the month:)))
I'm pretty ok ....happy and calmy hehe....:)))))
I can't wait for soemthing new to happen in my
life..hehe...and I keep on praying for that contest.Man!I
have to win it or at find something else..I
gotta leave this place hehe.
What else?Today I saw a woman in the street carrying a
baby and begging for money.God !It broke my heart into
small pieces...she looked so sad....I gave her some
money...and I told her to take care of the little one~~~I
am sorry I didn't have more money to give her...just some
change...:(...I still hope I helped her even a bit.
In numele Tatalui,al Fiului si al Sfantului Duh,AMIN!