The First 9 Months of Our Lives
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2001-09-06 14:43:02 (UTC)

Sick as a dog

Remember that prescription the doctor prescribed? Well, it
made me sick as a dog. I can't believe it...yesterday I
came to work and took the first pill and I threw up for the
first time in years...I forgot how horrible throwing up

I was supposed to take 4 a just when my body would
just be getting calm....I would have to take another
dose...I threw up and threw up...I was trying to stick it
out because I had just missed too much work. I mean... my
boss is great and he doesn't mind me being out...I just
need the money really bad right now, getting the house, and
the baby and all. So...I made it until about 2:00pm...then
I withdrew myself from offensive mode--fighting against
going home...and retreated...

I had to pull the car over to throw up on the way home...I
know most of you really didn't want to know that :). Once
I got got worse...I called the emergency room and
they told me to stop taking the pills....well, duh...I had
already decided that. That pain was incredible...and I was
still throwing up periodically...I didn't get any relief
until this morning---and I thank God that I don't live my
life in such pain.

I think we really tend to take our health for granted. My
mother is in constant pain all the time...and is now going
to have a morphin pump put into her spine because they
can't do anything more for her....I truly thank God for my
health....and I pray that I will have compassion for those
who are in such bad pain...chroniclly...or even

I thank God that I can smell my husbands wonderful self
made cologne...That I can touch and feel the softness of
his skin like silk or the way it feels when wind blows
across your neck...I thank God that I can see the beautiful
clouds and sunsets of my life.....I can hear the quiet
nothingness of the morning...and savor the many wonderful
tastes of this world(strawberries, kiwi, cheese dip :)).

I hope that if I were to ever lose one of my senses that I
could indeed say that while I had them...I savored each
one...and will remember what it is like to see, touch,
smell, taste, and hear life.


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