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2003-01-04 08:54:13 (UTC)

January 3rd, 2003

YAY! It's my first time writing in this! was
an o.k day for me. I can remember that I woke up around
1:30PM!! I know thats pretty late. Then I brushed my teeth,
ate lunch(sausage w/rice and asian chicken soup)which were
yummy. The chicken soup was pretty spicy!! Umm..what did I
do next?? I think I watched the ESPN channel with my
brother-in-law. We were watching the AND 1 was
really tyte! I love basketball because it's a fun sport to
play. And since I play for my school. Welpz....then I
played video games until about 4:30PM I think. Then my big
sister Toun came over and was gonna spend the night here.
Then I ate some egg-rolls my mom made today, then I started
to watch Thai music videos. Next, me, my 2 big sisters and
my brother-in-law, we played Scrabble around 7PM I think
until 11:30PM!! Yupz..then I decided to come online around
12:30PM or 1AM. I was just searching around the internet
and then logged off. Then me, my 2 big sisters and my
brother-in-law played Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Then
they left around 2:30AM to go to bed. Now I decided to come
online and write my little journal entry even though it's
2:50AM!! Dayme......I ain't sleeping yet too. Hahaha
anyways then..I guess I'll come by around the afternoon


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