what the hell??
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2003-01-04 08:30:43 (UTC)

Damnit Life Sucks

I know this realization is nothing new. Many people before
me have come to terms with it, but it hit me the other day
like a ton of bricks. My Friends( Supposedly) from the
school I graduated from last year I spent new years with
them. I learned that was a big mistake. They are ( for
lack of a better word) fucking assholes. There racist,
homophobic, pigs. ( Not all of them were). The only reason
the error of there ways really hurt me was one of my best
friends Katelyn was partaking in the madness of it. She
herself a multi-racial self proclaimed bi-sexual was
participating and most of the time motivating these
discussions. I love this person like a sister and I sat
there and listend her make a total ass out of herself.
Eventually I had to ask her, " what the hell is up." She
pertended she didn"t know what I was talking about and
then later had the nerve to bring me into the conversation
by naming me as one of the whitest acting black people
ever. First of all yes I am suburban. I perfer the finer
things in life, and I do my best to use proper grammer,
(even though it is known that I love run-on sentences)why
does that have to be white? Why does black have to be
stripper crackho project living or rich as hell and
wasting your money away( and of course your only rich
because your a sports star a musical artist or collin
powell) WTF! I am upset by people catering to media
stereotypes and making them realities. Second how do
you "act" a different color I know there are stereotypes
about how i should say yo yo yo and my nigga' every three
seconds, but that dosen't make you black. It's the color
of my skin and thats pretty much all it is. I am treated
differently in certain situation, but the color of my skin
does not define, and it does not shape me. What shapes me
is the culture and heritage of the Afircan people who also
share the same skin color with me. Well that's all the
complaing my fingers will allow me to do for now. Next
Thing I got to talk about I'm almost 15. I've known myself
for fifteen years, so here's the question " Who in the
hell am I ?"

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