Scenes from a Marriage
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2001-09-06 13:40:56 (UTC)

Thursday, September 6th

For once I don't have any groundbreaking news, I am so glad
to finally have a few days of peace and quiet. I treated
myself to a body polish and one hour massage at my favorite
spa last night---it felt so good and I feel like a new
person. I think I am going to make an appointment for one
once a month as a treat to myself.

The puppy is doing pretty well, she chewed through
somethings yesterday, and is still making messes but she is
a puppy and that is what they do. Benjamin is going to do
more to help with her so we don't have to give her away,
but she is starting to bother my allergies, so I don't know
how long we will be able to keep her.

The hockey that we were housing players for finally made up
for the players moving out, they said Ben can be the
official "stick boy" for the team, he will get to sit on
the bench for all home games, and be the only one allowed
in the locker rooms. So, he is pretty excited about that,
they said they might even take him on a couple of away
games. Hopefully they will get him a jersey and stuff too,
that will be really cool.

We asked Ben how he felt about Katie coming to live with
us, and us having full custody of her, he said he would
give us an answer today. We felt like he really has a say
in this because it will affect his life as well, if we have
a 8 month old living with us. He asked how we felt and we
said we thought we wanted to, so he said he will think
about it.