Cheerleader (the behind scenes)
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2003-01-04 06:35:45 (UTC)


An intellectual conversation from the dingbats i hang
around is very hard to come by. Its not always out of
nowhere on the internet a handsome stranger comes out of
the blue with a mind as quick as a lightening bolt and a
smile as wide as the ocean.

Not only have i thought about him since i met him for the
first time person to person last night, i have thought
beyond the drabble of thinking about him to thinking
thinking about him . . if you follow my steps.

Amber brought mitch and his friends out last night to an
upper class restraunt called 'felix' Mitch's friends had a
volcabulary of 'cars' 'me' 'and adre' - since they are all
greek i couldnt really expect more from them. So in my
bored state i called this guy down, he came he talked he

I was blown into siberia.