lunch chronicles
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2001-09-06 11:50:53 (UTC)

Jen and I went on a picnic..

Jen and I went on a picnic yesterday, as an official end to
the summer. We couldn't have picked a better day for it
either. There wasn't a cloud in the sky.

We went to the cemetery for the picnic. Some might find
that morbid, but then again they probably have never seen a
cemetery like Oakwood Cemetery, which happens to be the
second largest cemetery in the U.S. Actually, there were
only a few headstones in the area where we were; we were in
a clearing next to the pond that is pretty near the middle
of the cemetery, and behind the Twin Mosoleums as I
affectionately call them, so that people from the road
couldn't see us.

Some might think that we were disrespectful, having lunch
on someone's family plot. But I tend to disagree. We
don't show disrespect; Jen and I even went up to the
headstones and were trying to figure out their family
history. The family was the Wood family, I believe, and
they all died before 1880. The mother and father had five
children, four of which died before the age of two; one
died on his first birthday.

My mom came up with a name for my brother by looking at a
headstone, actually. I remember when we were walking one
day when she was pregnant, and we walked down this path
that led to the Castle, a huge mosoleum at the top of a
hill that looks like a castle. Dad suggested that we look
at headstones to try to get names for the baby on the way.
After looking for about half an hour, mom saw the headstone
of Silas Covell, who died in the late 19th century. It
took a while to actually settle on the name, but obviously
she eventually did.

Jenny and I visited that grave. We visited Uncle Sam's
grave too. You would think that Uncle Sam would have a
huge monument, wouldn't you? But all he has is two little
flagstones in the ground, one for himself and one for his
wife, Emma. There is a small monument, about 4 feet high,
with a special inscription, that was "erected by his great-
granddaughter". There is also a full-sized flagpole with
the American flag flying on it directly behind the
monument. However, compared to some of the other
headstones, obelisks, and mosoleums, it isn't very special.

Now I know this diary is public, and if anyone reads this,
they might be thinking right now that I'm some sort of
morbid guy who's into death and all that freaky stuff. I'm
really not. I simply have been raised to be more mature
about death and cemeteries than most other people. The
cemetery is a beautiful place, especially Oakwood
Cemetery. Everytime I go there, I marvel at how even
though there is death there that is shown by the lifeless
granite headstones, there is also so much life, such as the
trees and wildlife all the history that can be found just
by reading some of the inscriptions of the headstones. These people
had lives, and even though they might not have been recognized when
they were alive, they are recognized and thought of now, 120 years
later, such as the Wood family when Jen and I were looking at their
headstone. This is how they wanted to be remembered.

All right, that's enough about the cemetery. I have to
work tonight, but only for four hours. It's going to be
weird working for so short a time.


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