Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2003-01-04 05:46:46 (UTC)

*sigh* L'amour...

... may it rot. *grin*

wee! I went and saw Catch Me If You Can with my friend
Danny and my sister. And then we went bowling. Then we
antagonized the peoples at winn dixie. *grin* This was
after me and my sis were walking down the street, and ran
into Danny and First Sergeant, went to the school, came
back and decided to hang out. Kit and Kyle stopped by,
which was fun. Lol. So it was me ash kit kyle and danny.

Movies = awesome. Ive been crazy all day... its this
period thing, I swear... and after the movie ive been just
super duper hyper, and ran around like a crazy nut, and was
actually MYSELF for about 2 hours. I mean, the me that I
hide away and no one sees. Oh, its so great to be back.

I thank God for freeing me from myself. Ive come to some
conclusions and i need to rectify a certain relationship...

Maybe Im just excited cuz I have a chance with Kit again. :-
D No way. There is someone esle taht means so much
more... he doesnt know what, but he will soon.

I love you mary, you inspire me to be a better person.
Thank you for being so uplifting, you are beautiful.

Life is good, even when its bad. :)