Freedoms Asylum
2001-09-06 09:09:20 (UTC)

Dracula, Bram Stoker's

5:07 A.M.

Those of you who have my screenname may have imed me
only to get an automatic away message response
saying "Current Bathroom Reading Material: Bram Stokers

Well yes.

I do read in the bathroom and I AM reading the mother of
all vampire books.

I never saw the movie but I am POSITIVE that it's
nothing like the book. The whole story is narrated through
the diaries of each character. It's so brilliant how the
author puts everything together. When I started reading
this I expected it to be full of coffin visits and garlic
and holding crosses up. That's in there, but it actually
takes up a small part of the book. The book is surprisingly
about a lot more than a vampire named Count Dracula.

I think it's about the force of life and the different
forms of love. It's about good versus evil, mortality vs
the immortal, courage, and yes about vampires themselves.
The language is so beautiful and there are more than a few
AWESOME fuckin lines. Each character has such insight, in
their own way. All this, while managing to still stay

So why am I writing all this? I guess cause it's
something recent and in my life which is what this diary is
supposed to be all about. Could it also be cause I have to
go to the bathroom now and the book's waiting right next to
me? Sure.

Okay before any turtleheads pop up, byebye.