"Leben ist ein Weibchen."
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2003-01-04 05:21:35 (UTC)

Jan. 3rd.... :*(

Hey guys. What a wonderful day. Let me tell ya. I
didn't ask Chris (my Chris) whether he had a gf or not
because why would he lie to me? I don't know. Lets see... I
packed from when I got up to about 6 when Amber called. It
was pretty stressful because I am leaving with more than I
came with (besides my computer) and I have to pack it all
in 3 bags. That was pretty stressful.
Let's see. After that, Brandy called me at 6:06 and
reamed me for telling an old friend about her "marital
status" 2 months ago. She said that she didn't trust me and
she can't stand me because I did that. She also reamed me
for something else, and told me Josh was pissed at me too.
Sucks that it had to end this way.
After I got reamed, Amber picked me up and we went out
cruzing. I saw Brick, and fell in love with his beautiful
beast of a car all over again. *sighs* Such a nice camaro.
We hung out with a few people, I had a pretty good time.
I'm gonna miss her. I also met her boyfriend, and I highly
approve of him. He is the shit, and hopefully they'll last
for a long time, even though he's in the military.
After I got home, I talked to Andrew online and he told
me how it annoyed him that I accidently fell asleep on him,
and that I was "all over him". I admit it was wrong of me
to do that. I feel like a big ass because of it.
My dad has the flu and he's been sleeping all day. I
have 3 cigs left and it's not gonna last me until tomm.
morning because I'm on the verge of crying my ass off. I'm
so stressed about everything. I can't get a hold of my
Chris either, and he told me he was gonna see me today. I'm
all depressed because of all this stuff. I feel just like I
did when I was in Denver, I feel like I'm getting kicked
out of Grand Junction as opposed to just moving from it. I
feel like I'm a bad person and that I can't be trusted with
shit, who hits on the wrong people, and whose getting
ditched by someone that means so much. Ignored by my father
too. I dont know. Hopefully, it'll get better sooner than

Mandy Michelle

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