Kat Eyes
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2003-01-04 04:47:03 (UTC)

Convo between Blake and I:1/3/03

Mazturblaker: u need to add me
lanianela724: did
Mazturblaker: cool
lanianela724: yep
lanianela724: when are you leaving
Mazturblaker: now
lanianela724: :'(
Mazturblaker: i need to pack
Mazturblaker: l8erz
lanianela724: :'(:'(
Mazturblaker: how late can i call u?
lanianela724: 10
lanianela724: :'(
Mazturblaker: ok
Mazturblaker: i'll call u l8er
lanianela724: :'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:
lanianela724: miss u
Mazturblaker: miss u more
lanianela724: :-*
lanianela724: (i win)
Mazturblaker: lol.....
lanianela724: puleeeeeeeeeeeez talk to ur mom about the
Mazturblaker: i will, but it wont do n e good, this will b
he last time we go for 3 years
Mazturblaker: so it's important in a mom way
lanianela724: ok then dont bother
lanianela724: its not that big of a deal
Mazturblaker: but i want to go
Mazturblaker: ARGH, i'll talk to her
Mazturblaker: but i doubt it
lanianela724: ok
lanianela724: if it helps tell ehr the chick who played jan
brady will be there
lanianela724: *her
Mazturblaker: how fun
Mazturblaker: today was hard
lanianela724: why
Mazturblaker: cuz i wanted to kiss u, but i couldn't find
the right moment
lanianela724: :-) its the thought that counts. i know how
you felt about the whole being embarrassed or w/e and i
didnt want to push it, b/c that happened to me and it
reallys sucks. so i didnt want you to be pressuered or
anything. aand i'm sure that matt and jourdan help the
situation :-
Mazturblaker: LOL....thee really don't
Mazturblaker: lol
lanianela724: lol
lanianela724: well i dont know about jourdan but matt...yea
lanianela724: so dont worry about it'
Mazturblaker: k
Mazturblaker: i'll call u
Mazturblaker: i gots to go
lanianela724: ok
lanianela724: miss u
Mazturblaker: miss u too
Mazturblaker: :-*soon
lanianela724: i'll be waiting
lanianela724: :-)
lanianela724: we hafta do something sunday
Mazturblaker: k
lanianela724: what w/ it being the last day of freedom b4
school and what not
lanianela724: ok
lanianela724: i'll let you go pack
lanianela724: have fun
Mazturblaker: k
Mazturblaker: l8erz

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