~*~ A FiGMeNT oF YouR ImAGiNaTio

LiFeS a BiTcH, LoVe HuRTs AnD DeaTHs No
2001-09-06 07:48:00 (UTC)

Something i wrote..

You say "i love you"..
And i say "i love you too"..
I want to feel your touch..
I need you with me so much..
I need to hear you say "i love you"..
What should i do?..
Scared, confused and worried inside..
I just want to run to you and hide..
I want you to hold tight..
Tell me that everything will be alright..
I want to show you how much i love you..
I want to share everything with you..
I wish i knew what to do..
I feel so safe and happy around you..
You are one of the very few..
The 3rd person i've truly fell in love with..
One i could spend eternity with..
No matter what happens to us..
Or where destiny takes us..
I will always and foreverbe here for you..
And i will always and forever love you..