My diary (Ooh i'm so creative)
2001-09-06 07:17:51 (UTC)

Whats with the whole lesbian thing?

Yeah well you'd think that I'd have something better to do
but here I am.....writing about my life on the internet for
people to read.....shit I've turned into a whore....selling
my life for people's entertainment...well in that case I'm
not a very good whore am I? Cause people don't seem to
enjoy it...but eh? Like I care...people crave acclaim too
much...well i think so anyway!

Well school are going so much
better...I'm gonna stick with the bitch...i sure as hell
didn't waste 13 years of my life trapped in that damn place
just to drop out with nothing to show for it!

How good does it feel to be told that you're beautiful? Its
so much different to being told your hot...its seems so
much more, sincere, I love that feeling.....too bad it was
the wrong person that told me it...i wish they were the
right person...things would be so much easier, i wish that
just once I would like the people that like me....seriously
what is with it? I so don't think that women and men are
meant to be together....theres so many complications and
problems that come with it complementry of course!. So i'm
pondering becoming a lesbian (I'm joking...i'd try it oput
though!)...if i was to be a lesbian it would have to be
with someone really feminine...whats the use in getting
together with a chick if they're gonna be butch...I'd like
to experience the feeling of two feminine bodies'd be....nuturing i guess. wierd
too.....don't get me wrong I'm attracted to guys, theres
nothing better than a masculine guy...but different
experiences can be alot of fun! A change is as good as a

I'm feeling really blah know how it is
sometimes...I should be grateful, things are going pretty
well now...only one thing could make things perfect if you're reading this (you know who you are!)
Hurry your ass up and tell me whats going on in your
head...I need to're driving me crazy....can't
you see how much I need you?

Well I'm gonna get going, find something else to do - see
ya ......I guess

"I Only wish that this could be just dump your boyfriend and go out
with me, I swear i'd treat you like a queen" - The Atari's San Dimas
HS football rules

Hmmm you'd think that I could come up with lyrics from another
group...I don't even really like the The Atari's...they just seem to
have the best lyrics