Davey Pavey

tears in waves, minds on fire, nights al
2001-09-06 07:10:04 (UTC)

It's a journal, NOT a diary god damnit....no I don't carry a purse either.

I've heard it said that the best way to do a journal is to
give it a name and pretend it's a person. I will name my
journal Bobby after my recently deceased cat. That being

Dear Bobby,

Today was just another day. Though it did start off well
will a healthy amount of sleep which I am thankful for more
than any other aspect of my daily routine. Being rested
has made me a better person, as opposed to the irritable
jackaninny I become when tired. Woke up around 9:20, ate
some breakfast and headed to class on my bike. I love
morning bike rides, something about them just refershes the
hell out of me, unless of course I'm tired as all hell,
then i just kind of mope around on my bike until i hit a
foreign exchange student. Made it to class ON TIME...yes,
ON TIME...so rare, but so nice when it happens. This was my
first Modern Philosophy class considering i missed the
first class. The class seems interesting, but the teacher
seems tiresome. He doesn't seem to have the pizzaz that I
so appreciate in teaching. Mixing intelligence with wit
and wry commentry always helps to keep the class moving and
me interested. But twas only the first class. As I was
sitting through the class the strangest feeling came over
me. It a mixture of dread and helplessness. Something
that i've been encountering a lot lately, yet it was so
strong this morning that I almost threw-up. I was sitting
there, listening to the teacher talk about Descartes, and
then I just felt that all these philosophers were full of
shit. Just talking for the sake of talking. It's strange
the doubt I have of everyone elses intelligence, and even
my own.

Anywho, after class I decided to ride home instead of just
waiting out the break reading some Vonnegut. There was
just too damn many people on campus for me to actually sit
down and relax. So I decided to cash my paycheck, and
perhaps buy some goodies. Considering I hadn't treated
myself in weeks. Upon hearing good things said about The
Smiths, I decided to purchase an album. I
managed "Singles" and a Morrissey album of which the title
escapes me. Excellent stuff, instantly likeable. Don't
know how far I'll delve into their catalogue though, it
seems like the lead singers voice has range problems.

Alright, i missed another class. I thought it was at three
when it was actually at two. God i'm a moron. I do that
all the time. I need to get on the ball here pretty soon.

I had really no profound revelations today. Saw Jay and
Silent bob with Gab, Super-Kim, Big A, and Sir Drinks Too
Much. The movie was one joke over and over again. I
couldn't make out if Smith was parodying other movies, or
just parodying for the sake of getting cheap ass laughs.
He even had the gull to parody Star Wars (how original!)
The main characters swore a lot, i guess that was supposed
to be funny (i'm reminded of my 8th grade class when
swearing was taboo, so it was funny when we told our
teacher to 'eat our ass') As far as I can tell, the
continuing joke of Jay and Silent bob is that these guys
are stoners and they get into all sorts of comic mishief.
Yup that's it. Alright, alright, i'm not going to go
anyfurther into my deference for boring comedies. So far,
i see no redeming qualties from Smith (Dogma was preachy
ass bullshit, and Clerks was mildly amusing) (then again so
was Saving Private Ryan).

Went to steack and shake after movie for a nightcap. The
waiter was flamboyently homosexual. Now, i know that in the
politically correct new millenium we're supposed to
look at everyone as white middle class heterosexuals, but
man do I fear flamboyently gay homosexuals. INSERT LABEL
HERE. Perhaps I watch too much Suddenly Susan (alright,
i've seen one episode, but that was too much)

Overall today was a grandiose day, I can't complain, picked
up some new tunes and ate some pot pies and bread. My new
favorite food.

Alright, that's enough for today...