Mental Insomnia
2001-09-06 07:02:10 (UTC)

Hooray for me!...

I had the day off so I mostly slept. I do have to work the
grave yard shift at 1 am. I then played a couple of
computer games and my playstation. Pyro and Jenni went out
around six. They're still not home yet. I hope they didn't
go to a party without me. Adam called around ten. he wanted
to see if i was pissed. I told him I was only mad with
Mikey, so we made up. I have known Adam for 8 years now. We
met in 7th grade. We were teamed up to do this debate in
speech class on marijuana use. I had to do the side that
was against it and he was supposed to be for it. That is
like totally switched. I'm for it and he's against it.He's
not too much of a party animal, but he knows how to have a
good time. Well, I gotts get ready for work.