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Memoirs of Royalty
2001-09-06 06:41:30 (UTC)

A Night To Forget...A Night I'll Remember

I said yesterday that I may or may not return to a topic of
a various few girls that I am fond of today. Now I tell you
that I will return to that topic, but only as it pertains to
the day at hand.

Today, overall, was a better day than yesterday. My new
classes went well, and with the exception of a few facets,
the day ran smoothly. Currently, I have no workstudy,
because I quit yesterday, so with the exception of the fact
that I have no income, the freedom in my schedule is great.

On to the night. The night started out strangely. I was
eager to put a few brews down, and did so while learning to
play MLB 2K2 for Dreamcast. Then I went over to my friends'
house, where I hung out for a while before going over to
another friend's house to drink. Going to that place
sucked, so I left and went to a bar. The bar was
empty...just the way I like it, and a few people here and
there began to roll in. Within an hour, and it all seemed
so sudden, a million people walked in, thereby crowding the
place, and making me uncomfortable. But, OH! I forgot to
tell you. Who do I see when I walk into an uncrowded bar,
but a girl-type-focus of mine from last year...who hadn't
spoken to me since the day she negged me. Tonight she
spoke to me, because I wasn't about to go up to her while
she was necking with some dude at the bar. She said hello,
and I asked her slightly snidely, but with my ever joking
tone how her entire year was (since we hadn't spoke since
March at the latest) was evident that she was drunk,
but she took the joke well, and we began the crappy banter
of "how was your summer, what did you do?" crap. I got
bored of it, as much as I really did want to speak to her
(because the thing that initially drew me to her was her
coolness [apparently not real though], not her looks.
Still, to this day, it is like that...although I don't think
she's too cool after having not spoken to me for months. So
I became bored, and walked away, watching tennis on cable
(Sampras def. Agassi; advances to U.S. Open Semis). It
appeared to me, and I know I am not arrogant, so it may have
been true, that she was necking with this guy and looking
back at me, seemingly in an attempt to make me jealous, or
get a rise out of me, or something. Well, I don't think it
truly worked, but if even it slightly did, I didn't show it.
Thank God for a highly entertaining tennis match.

Throughout the course of the night, I met various people, a
few freshmen, a couple freshwomen, and while they didn't
necessarily seem too interested (the women that is), they
were nice and friendly. I, like normal, eventually became
embittered by the usual BULLSHIT that is my school, and,
with the entering of more and more people (most of whom I
did not like), I just got angrier and angrier. A bar is not
cool if you can't move around in it. A bar is not cool if
you do not like those who surround you. So I became
mad...sort of. People here, for one reason or another, do
not seem to like me all too much, which sucks, yes, but
doesn't bother me too much, because I know that because of
their quick judgements, I am better than they.

You know what? I am not drunk, but I have absolutely no
clue where this entry is going, so for your sake and mine,
I'm going to end it here. Have a goodnight.

No poem tonight either...eventually, I promise.

P.S. I really do like this one girl now...I liked her near
the beginning and end of last school year, and over the
summer those feelings solidified. She makes me smile any
time she pays attention to me. She is energy. She is
happiness. For that, I love her.(?) I like other girls
too...I have no clue what is going on anymore. One needs to
come to me. For once in my life, something should come out for MY benefit. Maybe this time? Please?