My life in a nutshell
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2003-01-04 01:38:40 (UTC)

And it starts....

Have you ever had one of those days where you should have
stayed in bed and then by the time you realize it, you're
actually back in bed? Well, that was my day today. I
started school today and even though I only had one class,
Humn 2201, I should have never gotten up.
It started with me dropping my discman on the floor of my
kitchen and losing a battery. I literally don't know where
it went and still can't find it. I also spilled about a
quarter of my coffee by the back door when I was about to
leave. I got so mad and started to slam things down and
woke up my mom. Fun. I eventually left thinking that my day
was cursed and then I was finally at school, 45 minutes
early. I don't know how I managed to do that, but it was
all good. I bought $540 worth of textbooks and piled them
up in my locker. Coming home was interesting. The bus
driver didn't know how to drive and I thought I was going
to die on the way home. Well, maybe not, but it was
something like that.
Then I get home, do laundry because I can actually get off
my ass and do that. (Sorry Mike, just read your journal and
laughed at your attempts at life!) Anyway, while I wait for
my computer to fix itself (it's still currently wiping out
the hard drive for the second night in a row), I thought I
would do some reading. Well, I started to feel myself drift
off to sleep and eventually I was snoozing. My mom had to
wake me up to tell me that they were going out for supper.
I got out of bed and joined them. Big mistake. I got crude
remarks from them the whole time. Them they doubted the
fact that Lily is my best friend when I've only known her
for 14 years. I mean, most of my friends are best friends,
but there's no one that knows me better than her. Well...
yea, she still knows me better! That got me pissed.
So, now I'm at home, trying to chear myself up and
contemplating how hard it will be to convince my parents
that they should buy me a new computer for my birthday. I
mean, I am turning 21 (scary!) and if they want me to have
some responsibility, why don't they start with giving me a
computer that actually works and hasn't been screwed up
since day 1. LOL
I will stop complaining since I have to email everyone and
tell them that I finally got the notion to set my diary to
public so that people can actually read it. And I have to
email Lily and tell her this addy and Mike's online journal
addy.... hehehehe... she's actually intersted in what kind
of life you live... just like me! LOL

(and don't pull a day like this one... it doesn't feel
good! :-( )