My So-called Life
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2003-01-04 01:23:48 (UTC)


omg. i was online the night b4 last and started talking to
eric. we decided to have a little "truth" game. i found out
some very interesting things. we kept asking each other
questions and joking about stuff like making out. we had
been talking for hours when i asked him when he was gonna
ask me out. he said he would answer that w/ another
question. he asked when i want him to. long story short, he
said he likes to do things in person and he's romatic and
wants it to b a surprise. so unless that was his cousin
making everything up, he should b asking me out!!! i have
liked him for years, and started to give up cuz he didn't
like me,but now he might! we talked for 6 hours. it was
great, but i do know a little more about him than i really
should-wow. i spent the night w/ jasmine last night. it was
really fun. we stayed up forever and since i couldn't find
my bathing suit we just stuck our feet in the hot tub. we
watched cmt-ugh- all night. i haven't talked to eric since
a couple nights ago, so i really hope it was him i was
talking to. i'm still afraid he likes her. :( anyways, i
have so much stuff to do, i'll write later.