Life as I know it.
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2001-09-06 05:56:25 (UTC)


"I'm never fucking drinking again"-Me last night to anyone
who would listen.

So last yesterday had fun filled classes....lol.....okay
not fun, but not too bad. In psych I ran into john who I
went to UPG with so that was great, he is in my psych class
too...along with me and Julie. THen I saw Chuck and
Johnathon sitting around on my way home. THen I came home,
didnt eat but checked my mail, then I went out to eat with
John. Met up with AMy and Denise and Amanda and went to
the southside to watch Dawn's fiancee play in his band.
Already there were Paige and Bethany. HOlly and Christine
showed up not too much longer. THen Jeff and Clint came
in. At Fuel before the bar, I had a 151 on the rocks, then
at the bar I had 6 rum and cokes. THe band was good, i was
trashed. But being drunk I started getting hungry so John
and I left to go to Mad Mex for some food, now im already
trashed so what do I do? Ordered a margarita. =0/ (yeah
im dumb dumb dumb). SO i drank like two sips of my drink,
ate a small amt of my quesadilla and went home, for I had
to puke. So I get home puked for a long time, went to bed.

Today I get up, hungover of course. Kristin calls and
wants me to go with her to do errands, and since i didnt
have much to do, i went. Her errands ended up into us
shopping. Got a cute t shirt and a necklace that
says "Kitten" in blue rhinestones, oh it is
ghettofabulousand Ilove it. Then I came back and not 10
mins later, Lindsay calls me to go out shopping for
furniture with her and her roommate...didnt buy anything
but got lost getting there. Then we came back, and I had a
mesage from heather....so i talked to her, straightened
things up and the such. Helped Lindsay assemble her desk
and so on. I had a pretty good day. I felt this weird
surge of happiness that doesnt happen that much (no im
happy a lot but this was like super happy for some
reason). But now its 2am and i gotta get up in 6 hours for

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